A flat correction differs from a zigzag in that the subwave sequence is 3-3-5, as shown in Figures 1 and 2. Since the first actionary wave,

Fibonacci studies: arcs, fans, retracements, and time

Overview: Leonardo Fibonacci was a mathematician who was born in Italy around the year 1170. It is believed that Mr. Fibonacci discovered..


The Negative Volume Index (“NVI”) focuses on days where the volume decreases from the previous day. The premise being that the “smart money” takes positions on days when volume decreases

Basic Technicals

MACD technical analysis MACD technical analysis stands for moving average convergence/divergence analysis of stocks.

Fundamental Analysis

Doubling Stocks Review: Is this a scam? If you are looking for the truth about doubling stocks this is a necessity. One always thought there was something wrong with a doubling of stocks.

Monday, February 7, 2011



Date of Issue                                      :19/01/2011 to 21/01/2011   
No. of members                                 :76
Issue Size (lakh shares)                       :Further public issue of 57000000 equity shares of face value Rs. 10 each
Price Range                                        :Rs. 594 to Rs.610
Issue Price ( Rs.)                                :610
 Issue Type                                         : 100% Book Built Issue FPO
Market Lot                                         : 10 Shares

Tata Steel FPO was open on Jan 19, 2011 and closed on Jan 21, 2011. FPO was oversubscribed by 6.03 times (1.60 times in retail) on closing day.