Thursday, August 18, 2011

gold engle from the U.S. Mint

The gold Eagle from the US mint have become the USA’s most popular bullion coin, and our biggest gold coin seller by far. Each 1-ounce gold Eagle contains a full 31.1 grams of pure gold, with an additional alloy of silver and copper, bringing the total weight up to about 33.9 grams.

 stock 2011-dated gold Eagles in all sizes: 1-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce, and tenth-ounce.

    Gold Eagles from the U.S. Mint are the most popular gold bullion coin in this country, and now make up over 80% of the U.S. physical gold bullion market. This bullion product has been a tremendous success for the U.S. Mint.

For both large and small purchases, gold Eagles are our biggest seller in gold bullion. And, although in the long run it may not matter which form of gold bullion you decide to purchase, there are good reasons for buying Eagles:

They are low-cost bullion products that are easy to buy and sell at reasonable price spreads.

They are easy to store, because they're issued in space-saving Treasury tubes, instead of the more cumbersome individual packaging that comes with all sizes of Kangaroos, Dragons, Pandas, and the fractional-size Canadian Maples.

They are made of tough 22karat gold (91.7% pure), a much more scuff-resistant material than the pure (99.9% or better) forms of bullion.

Some of the various sizes of gold Eagles may have a value to collectors in the future based on their scarcity. A strong after-market has already developed as collectors look to complete their sets going back to 1986 - particularly scarce are some of the low-mintage half- and quarter-ounce gold Eagles from the early 1990's.

The one-ounce Eagle box contains 25 tubes of 20 coins each.

The half-ounce Eagle box contains 25 tubes of 40 coins each.

The quarter-ounce Eagle box contains 50 tubes, with 40 coins in each.

The tenth-ounce gold Eagle box has 100 tubes, with 50 coins in each tube.

The one-ounce gold Eagle has a $50 nominal face value, is 91.67% fine gold, and weighs 1.0909 troy ounces. The most popular size bullion coin, it is issued 20 coins per Treasury tube. Its diameter is 32.7 mm, thickness 2.87 mm.

The half-ounce gold Eagle has a $25 nominal face value, is 91.67% fine gold, and weighs .5455 troy ounce. The least popular size bullion coin, and often the lowest mintage, it is issued 40 coins per Treasury tube. Diameter is 27mm, thickness 2.15mm.

The quarter-ounce gold Eagle has a $10 nominal face value, is 91.67% fine gold, and weighs .2727 troy ounce. About the size of a nickel, it is popular in jewelry. It is issued 40 coins per Treasury tube. Its diameter is 22mm, its thickness 1.78 mm.

The tenth-ounce gold Eagle is a $5 face value coin, 91.67% fine gold (22 karat), and weighs .1091 troy ounce. Smaller than a dime, it is a popular small gift item. It is issued 50 coins to a Treasury tube. Diameter 16.5 mm, thickness 1.26mm.

Specifications American Gold Eagles


                  F V            GoldContent WtOz     WtGrams   Diametermm     Thicknessmm    GoldFineness     

  1 oz.         US$ 50         1.0000     1.0909.     33.93              32.7               2.87              916.7

1/2 oz.        US$ 25         0.5000     0.5454         16.96            27.0              2.15             916.7

1/4 oz.        US$ 10         0.2500     0.2727         8.483            22.0               1.78            916.7

1/ 10 oz.     US$ 5           0.1000     0.1091         3.393            16.5                1.26           916.7