Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NSE Milestones


The National Stock Exchange is one of the largest and most advanced stock exchanges in the world. Nse has set up it trading system as a nation-wide,fully-automated screen based trading system.
NSE Milestones

November 1992              Incorporation
April 1993                       Recognition as a stock exchange
May 1993                        Formulation of business plan
June 1994                        Wholesale Debt Market segment goes live
November 1994               Capital Market (Equities) segment goes live
March 1995                     Establishment of Investor Grievance Cell
April 1995                        Establishment of NSCCL, the first Clearing Corporation
June 1995                         Introduction of centralised insurance cover for all trading members
July 1995                           Establishment of Investor Protection Fund
October 1995                    Became largest stock exchange in the country
April 1996                         Commencement of clearing and settlement by NSCCL
April 1996                         Launch of S&P CNX Nifty
June 1996                          Establishment of Settlement Guarantee Fund
November 1996                Setting up of National Securities Depository Limited, first depository in India,                                 co-promoted by NSE
November 1996                Best IT Usage award by Computer Society of India
December 1996                Commencement of trading/settlement in dematerialised securities
December 1996                Dataquest award for Top IT User
December 1996                Launch of CNX Nifty Junior
February 1997                  Regional clearing facility goes live
November 1997                Best IT Usage award by Computer Society of India
 May 1998                         Promotion of joint venture, India Index Services & Products Limited (IISL)
  May 1998                         Launch of NSE's Web-site: www.nse.co.in
  July 1998                          Launch of NSE's Certification Programme in Financial Market
  August 1998                     CYBER CORPORATE OF THE YEAR 1998 award
  February 1999                  Launch of Automated Lending and Borrowing Mechanism
  April 1999                        CHIP Web Award by CHIP magazine
  October 1999                   Setting up of NSE.IT
  January 2000                    Launch of NSE Research Initiative
  February 2000                  Commencement of Internet Trading
  June 2000                         Commencement of Derivatives Trading (Index Futures)
  September 2000               Launch of 'Zero Coupon Yield Curve'
  November 2000               Launch of Broker Plaza by Dotex International, a joint venture between NSE.IT     Ltd. and i-flex Solutions Ltd.
  December 2000                Commencement of WAP trading
  June 2001                         Commencement of trading in Index Options
  July 2001                          Commencement of trading in Options on Individual Securities
  November 2001                Commencement of trading in Futures on Individual Securities
  December 2001                 Launch of NSE VaR for Government Securities
  January 2002                     Launch of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  May 2002                          NSE wins the Wharton-Infosys Business Transformation Award in the          Organization-wide                  Transformation category
  October 2002                    Launch of NSE Government Securities Index
  January 2003                     Commencement of trading in Retail Debt Market
  June 2003                          Launch of Interest Rate Futures
  August 2003                       Launch of Futures & options in CNXIT Index
  June 2004                           Launch of  STP Interoperability
  August 2004                      Launch of  NSE’s electronic interface for listed companies
  March 2005                       'India Innovation Award’ by EMPI Business School, New Delhi
  June 2005                          Launch of Futures & options in BANK Nifty Index
  December 2006                 'Derivative Exchange of the Year', by Asia Risk magazine
  January 2007                       Launch of  NSE – CNBC TV 18 media centre
  March 2007                        NSE, CRISIL announce launch of IndiaBondWatch.com
  June 2007                           NSE launches derivatives on Nifty Junior & CNX 100
  October 2007                     NSE launches derivatives on Nifty Midcap 50
  January 2008                      Introduction of Mini Nifty derivative contracts on 1st January 2008
  March 2008                        Introduction of long term option contracts on S&P CNX Nifty Index
  April 2008                          Launch of India VIX
  April 2008                          Launch of Securities Lending & Borrowing Scheme
  August 2008                       Launch of Currency Derivatives
  August 2009                       Launch of Interest Rate Futures
  November 2009                 Launch of Mutual Fund Service System
  December 2009                 Commencement of settlement of corporate bonds
  February 2010                   Launch of Currency Futures on additional currency pairs
  March 2010                       NSE- CME Group & NSE - SGX product cross listing agreement
  April 2010                         Financial Derivative Exchange of the Year Award' by Asian Banker
  July 19, 2010                    Commencement of trading of S&P CNX Nifty Futures on CME
  July 19, 2010                     Real Time dissemination of India VIX.
  July 28, 2010                      LOI signed with London Stock Exchange Group
  October 12, 2010               Introduction of Call auction in Pre-open session
  October 28, 2010              Introduction of European Style Stock Options
  October 29, 2010              Introduction of Currency Options on USD INR