The Measured Move is a three-part formation that begins as a reversal pattern and resumes as a continuation pattern. The Measured (Bull) Move consists of a reversal advance, correction/consolidation and continuation advance. Because the Measured (Bull) Move cannot be properly identified until after the correction/consolidation period, I have elected to categorize it as a continuation pattern. The pattern is usually long-term and forms over several months.

Prior Trend: For the first advance to qualify as a reversal, there must be evidence of a prior downtrend to reverse. Because the Measured (Bull) Move can occur as part of a larger advance, the length and severity of the prior decline may vary from a few weeks to many months.
Reversal Advance: The first advance usually begins near the established lows of the previous decline and extends for a few weeks or many months. Sometimes a reversal pattern can mark the initial trend change. Other times the new uptrend is
established by new reaction highs or a break above resistance. Ideally, the advance is fairly orderly and lengthy with a series of rising peaks and troughs that may form a price channel. Less erratic advances are satisfactory, but run the risk
of forming a different pattern.
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